About The Book

This Five-Star rated book is a true story about a small Tulsa, Oklahoma retail service company and a $40-million lawsuit against Wal-Mart.

About The Author

Charles H. “Chuck” Hood is a veteran of more than forty years in the advertising, marketing and public relations businesses. Hood wrote Wal-Mart’s Egonomics based on his experience with the retail giant.

“Wal-Mart’s EGOnomics, Always, is an Incredible Book!”

                                     As Described in Clarion ForeWord’s Five-Star Review

Five Stars Awarded to First-Time Author’s Wal-Mart Expose’

ForeWord’s Review describes Wal-Mart’s EGOnomics — The Greed Behind the Smiley Face as “an incredible book” that “follows through with tantalizing clarity.”  It then bestows its highest award, FIVE STARS (out of five), a rare and momentous rating for any book, much less for the product of a first-time author.

Kirkus Calls it: “A well-crafted personal tale of business gone bad.”

“Hood documents the sorry story of how at best Wal-Mart management ineptly implemented a promotional program they had agreed to support, and at worst, sabotaged it because of a perverted ego and profit-driven arrogance.. a true David and Goliath story.”

“After reading this book it will likely be difficult for the reader not to accept the author’s claim that Wal-Mart is a corporate villain.”

‘Top-Gun’ Trial Attorney Calls it: “a story all of America should read.”

Gary L. Richardson, frequently described as Oklahoma’s “top gun” trial attorney, wrote the book’s Foreword.  He has successfully represented clients in lawsuits against Wal-Mart. These lawsuits, in combination with his extensive preparatory research, have left him with an intimate knowledge of Wal-Mart’s frequently harmful business practices. As Gary says, “I have found Chuck’s story to be fascinating, and one all of America should read.”  He further states, “Nothing has changed. Wal-Mart does what Wal-Mart does.”

“This book reads like a non-fiction murder mystery.  It makes you wonder just how many other such “corporate homicides” Wal-Mart has committed enroute to becoming the world’s largest and most successful retailer. “Two filings per hour” should be an indicator. And yet, seemingly their habits remain unchanged, since they are still on the loose.”

“What a compelling and enlightening story.  Just says again how often we are deceived and take too much for granted, never realizing the trails of darkness that so many people and companies follow to success. These culprits have been “free” for far too long.”

“WOW! I had no idea that so many “criminals” resided within the ranks of Wal-Mart’s corporate management. They obviously all attended the same school of correction, as their criminal habits all appear to be the same: ‘own or destroy.’”

“This book is truly scary!  How has Wal-Mart been allowed to run so dangerously amuck for so long? You have to believe that if any single entity must shoulder the responsibility for our nation’s high unemployment statistics, it is Wal-Mart. BRAVO Mr. Hood for bringing Wal-Mart’s true character to light. Now it is America’s public that needs to take corrective action – quit shopping there.”

“Mr. Hood, you have destroyed a legend. I had always thought of Sam Walton as being a true American hero. It never occurred to me that his path to success was littered with the corpses of previously successful businesses and out-of-work Americans. So much for me positioning him on a pedestal any longer – or supporting his stores.”

 And, other advance reviewers have said: 

“A real page-turner”

“I couldn’t put it down, and stayed up until 6 a.m. to finish it.”

“Those bastards.”

“I can’t believe Hood’s level of patience. I would have put out a contract on several of those SOB’s.”

“I knew Wal-Mart had a bad reputation, but this is unbelievable.”

“I will never look at Wal-Mart the same again.”

“Your experiences, plus those of the so many others you identified, leave no doubt as to the lengths they will go to destroy towns, businesses and people.”